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            ABOUT US   About Us > Enterprise Culture

            Group Introduction

            President Oration
            Development History
            Group Honor
            Enterprise Culture
            Our vision: Hongbao goes to the world!
            We are full of confidence in the future of Hongbao. Hongbao is gradually developing the step of marching toward the world. In the face of opportunity and challenge, Hongbao people make the High-tech industry field be stronger and bigger while doing the strong and refined traditional industry. Hongbao will be bound to ride on the crest of the waves, and Hongbao of China will be bound to Hongbao of the world
            Spirit of the Group: Integrity, steadiness, creation and excellence
            Integrity-Essence of Hongbao for starting the career
            The Chinese sages said: Shang Yang stands tree for winning the trust, which ignites the fire of the five-thousand-year civilization and integrity of Chinese ethnic peoples, and becomes a human power star of promoting the human progress. Integrity is a bridge of China to go to the world; and integrity is colorful for Hongbao to write the future.
            Hongbao was continuously obtained "AAA" credit enterprise for more than 50 years. The most faithful, pure and beautiful and traditional operation footstone of Hongbao people is won the recognition of people from all sectors of society. The integrity becomes the strongest guarantee of Hongbao people for founding the great work.
            Steadiness-strive to do the evergreen pine in the forest
            As an old saying goes: More haste and less speed. The Chinese sage advocates the natural law of progress, which has become the sage of international numerous century-old enterprises.
            The real reflection of venture history of Hongbao is to develop forward by working steadily in a thoroughgoing manner. No fickleness, rash and sophistication have become the consensus of Hongbao people. Whether a piece of song in the world economy or winter state of global markets, Hongbao can go forward steadily. Hongbao promotes his dream of century-old enterprise positively and steadily.
            Creation-Power star of continual development of Hongbao
            Creation is a soul of progress of a nation, and an important symbol of enterprise vitality. Hongbao integrates the concept of creation into its enterprise culture, so that all Hongbao people can applaud and sing for the creator
            Creation has become the inexhaustible power tar of promoting Honghao to develop, so that Hongbao people create, create and recreate with surgent passion all the time
            Consequently, Hongbao has the most advanced enterprise image strategy, and has vigorous and tolerant innovative talent mechanism
            Excellence-Dream of Hongbao
            Taking the industry pillar as the core, we untiringly struggle for building the science-guided new economic organization based on the modern technology, so that Hongbao can grow into a big comprehensive enterprise group having the Chinese characteristics.
            Mission: I create, and you are splendid
            Creation is the essence of Hongbao for development. An enterprise capable of creating and innovating is bound to stand the forefront of the time to stand last. Hongbao People are willing to listen to the demand of each customer, service for the customer creatively by tailoring, listen to the customer's opinion and willing to improve. I sincerely hope that the creation of Hongbao people can add splendor for you.
            Group concept: people first
            If you are a customer, you will get a sincere care as long as you come into Hongbao, and Hongbao will take you as our family member, and strive to create the bigger market value for you; and if you are an employee, you will enter a harmonious, antrorse and warm family as long as you join in Hongbao, and Hongbao will provide the opportunity for you to show your talent.

            Culture: timeless, new post house, paving new mileage, and Hongbao people are assiduous and indefatigable.

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