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            Group Introduction

            President Oration
            Development History
            Group Honor
            Enterprise Culture
            1958   Shazhou Daxin Hardware Repair Plant, the first industrial enterprise in Daxin Town was founded, which mainly produced the metal fittings and repaired the agricultural machinery.

            It started trial-producing the hair scissors, western-style clothes scissors and medical equipment (locking pliers).


            It was renamed as Shazhou Daxin Medical Equipment Cooperatives with the approval of Shazhou Bureau of Industry.


            It was renamed as Shazhou County Second Medical Instrument Factory with the approval of the superiors, and the enterprise has got great development.


            Mr. Zhu Yubao took charge of the factory, prepared for the Daxin Vehicle Factory and acquired the oil nozzle and pump factory, and since then a new development phase has arrived.

            1986   Mr. Zhu Yubao began to act as the factory director and secretary, and in the same year, Shanzhou County system was repealed and city system was set up. Shazhou County Second Medical Instrument Factory was renamed as Zhangjiagang City Second Medical Instrument Factory.

            Daxin Farm Tools Plant was acquired in May.
            On December 5, our general operating scissors were rewarded National Silver Medal, which filled up the local market vacancy.

            1992   The name was changed to Jiangsu Hongbao Group. Mr. Zhu Yubao acted as the company chairman, general manager and concurrently general party branch secretary.


            Hongbao Group was ratified as national level township enterprise group in October.

            The group company carried out the first transfer successfully on April 8, 1998, and the property rights of enterprises were further clear. Zhu Yubao acted as the chairman and concurrently general manager.


            All enterprises subordinated to Hongbao Group were passed ISO9002 quality system certification in November.

            2000   The Company was awarded as the brand-name and high-quality group of the industry by the State Bureau of Light Industry and tool and hardware industry association in January, and the products (wire cutter, carpentry tongue and adjustable spanner) were the "brand-name and high-quality products" of the industry.
            Hongbao hardware tools were awarded as the Jiangsu famous product in March.
            The hardware tools of Hongbao Group passed ISO5745-5749 international standard certification in September.
            2001   Jiangsu Hongbao Group was awarded as China hardware tool Top 30 by the China National Hardware Association in January.
            The hardware tool, medical equipment and hairdressing scissors of the Group were won the title of Chinese famous product by the Social Survey Institute of China in February.
            The Group founded Jiangsu Hongbao Hardware Co., Ltd. in December, so as to develop the way of capital operation, which was a great work in the development history of Hongbao. Mr. Zhu Jianfeng acted as the chairman and general manager.
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