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            Dear old and new friends, welcome to the website of Jiangsu Hongbao Group.
            After fifty years of ups and downs since the establishment, Jiangsu Hongbao Group will usher in its 60th anniversary. But its vigor and vitality are declaring the huge potential presented by Hongbao to the people! Thinking back the realization of the group management from the beginning of the establishment to now, we walk the road of striving pave with the painstaking effort and sweat. We thank people of all social circles for strong support and selfless care to Hongbao Group, and thank cautious and conscientious employees working on posts hard!
            Opportunities and challenges exist side by side, which is an eternally immutable theme. Since the beginning of its establishment, we set up the enterprise culture concept of integrity, steadiness, creation and excellence, which is our wealth, and even our value. The business sea is vast, thousands of boats are competitive, we embedded the root of the sustainable development under this environment that the competition is with the development and the opportunities and challenges exist side by side due to the "integrity and steadiness", and Hongbao Group-dense evergreen tree, sprinkled the rain and dew making it grow over and over again due to the "creation and excellence", and even brought the essence of the enterprise development to us. Our belief makes all employees of us shine the humanity and light of wisdom, and makes our cooperators be full of confidence, like us, so as to meet the future step by step.
            Hongbao Group is striving to implement the struggle objective of "create a new Hongbao again in five years". We will attract more moral and intelligent people to join in the team of Company building by virtue of the east wind of the rapid development of the enterprise in the future several years, so as to realize the life value of the self. Meanwhile, we will undertake more social responsibilities, and create more economic benefit and social benefit by improving our business performance. We are willing to jointly initiate the new brilliance of the career development with numerous people of vision.
            We welcome you to investigate our company and guide the work at any time!

            Chairman: Mr. Zhu Jianfeng

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