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            PRODUCT CENTER Titanium and Titanium Alloy Tube > Product Introduction
                 Titanium and Titanium Alloy Tube
              Specification: To ASTMB338, ASTMSB-338, ASTMB861, ASTMSB-861
              Material: Gr1, Gr2, Gr3, Gr7, Gr9, Gr12, Gr16
              Diameter range: 6-219mm
              Thickness range: 0.5-12mm
                 Nickel and Nickel Alloy Tube
              Specification: to ASTM B/ASME SB 161, 163 and 167
              Material: Nickel 200, Nickel 201, Monel alloy 400, Nickel alloy 600
              Diameter range: 10-114mm
              Thickness range: 0.9-10mm
                 Stainless Steel Tube
              Specification: Specification, ASTM A213/A213M, ASMESA-213/SA-213M,
              ASTMA312/A312M, ASMESA-312/SA-312M, ASTMA269
              Material: TP304,TP304L,TP316,TP316L,TP317,317L,TP321,TP310S etc
              Diameter range: 6-273mm; Thickness range: 0.5-16mm
                 Titanium Bar and Rod
              Specification: ASTM B348; ASTM F67; ASTM F 136; AMS 4928Q
              Diameter: 10-350mm
                 Titanium Wire
              Specification: ASTM B 863
              Diameter: 0.3-10mm
              State: Including volume and scale
                 Titanium Plate and Sheet
              Specification: ASTM B 265, F67, AMS4911
              Thickness: 0.7-50mm
              Width: <2500mm
              Length: <6000mm
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